Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Best Online Learning Platform for Corporate Training

 E-learning is skyrocketed over the past few years, and there are countless eLearning platforms to choose from.  A survey from Deloitte revealed that almost 75% of digital learning will completely replace the traditional printed textbooks in the coming 10 years. With the advent of the Internet, Online learning platforms or learning management systems are exponentially rising, as these virtual platforms are easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.


ecadema is an online platform that offers professional course certification with a simple mission - helping students and tutors find each other. Trainers offer live interactive video lectures, makes session interesting and engaging by adding transcripts, and quizzes, and video content.

High-quality live sessions for the certified professional training program:

ecadema facilitates live learning through video conferencing, enabling tutors to deliver the lecture efficiently, and the session becomes interactive. As earlier, lecture delivery was conducted face to face through brick and mortar methods where the scope of interaction was minimum whereas interactive live classes promote real-time discussions and impart a broader understanding of the topic. As virtual classes make students pay attention to the trainer and engagement level increases, also easier and more feasible for a trainer to transfer the fundamental knowledge to the trainees via one-to-one live sessions. Trainers can make sure that trainees understand the topic nicely and grasp all the topics.

Through our virtual classroom immersive engagement lectures, it is easier for trainers to establish a human connection with all their trainees. All training formats deliver on-demand lessons, live virtual training, and in-person sessions.

Upskill Comfortably

Get skilled and certified by internationally acclaimed trainers, who are subject-matter experts spent decades teaching traditionally. All from the comfort of your home.

Why ecadema?

  • On-demand tutoring

  • Connect with your choice of Trainer

  • Learn from the best industry experts/trainers

  • Lectures are delivered through a virtual whiteboard, video chat, screen sharing 

  • Get help in any professional courses

  • Whether it’s high school algebra or college-level

  • Trainers can teach in 25+ languages

ecadema believes:

The right tutor can make a difference

Our Instructors are highly accredited professionals

Benefits of one-to-one Instruction

ecadema platform works on the instructor-led training (ILT) format where trainees can ask questions to trainers while the instruction proceeds, enabling the creation of an immersive environment that facilitates more flexibility, customized training, and increases retention of information.

Corporate Training:

Nowadays, most organizations seeking training and induction programs options to upskill or reskill their employees with the latest tools and technologies at the workplace. Effective corporate training will always lead to a more productive, and provide your learners with the skills and knowledge necessary to propel them forward. 

For the same, companies appoint corporate trainers also known as professional trainers or corporate trainers who deliver training programs for professional development to teach relevant and job-specific skills. Trainers at ecadema offer professional training for a company via instructor-led training and expertise in communications, leadership, business management, public speaking, sales and marketing skills, supply chain logistic skills, and other job-specific technical skills.

ecadema caters to skills development and learning programs. 

Corporate trainers deliver effective training, targeting the session according to their skill and education level. 

The Corporate trainer at ecadema delivers the training in an online professional certification program using the following methods:

  • Group Discussions

  • Video-lectures

  • Case studies

  • Scenario-based learning

  • Simulations

Online Personal Trainers vs In-Person Trainers

Ecadema supports synchronous interaction, where trainee and trainer instruction facilitates queries instant discussions, and query clarification. As in asynchronous online learning, learners often posted on an online forum to be answered by an instructor. This leads to some delay in interaction, which can be minimized through live interaction and virtual support between an instructor and a learner.

Online trainers offer convenience, privacy, and flexibility. Plus, online trainers are less expensive than in-person trainers, with no compromise on credentials, experience, and education. 


Strengthen your portfolio with ecadema, get yourself trained or train your team members on certifications that are globally recognized, or upskill them with next-generation sought-after concepts. Accelerate your career with world-class instructors. Whether you’re pursuing continuing education or seeking insights in your field, our blog section can help you stay on top of your professional game. Browse our trainer's category in different verticals like business and technology, cybersecurity, leadership and management, the law, process improvement, project management, sales, marketing, etc.

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